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The Government of Mexico City, through the International Affairs Office, heads the Euro-Latin American Alliance of Cooperation among Cities (AL-LAs Project), in collaboration with the city governments of Belo Horizonte, Brazil; Lima, Peru; Medellin, Colombia; Morón, Argentina; Montevideo, Uruguay; and Quito, Ecuador. European partners include, the network United Cities of France, the Andalusian Municipal Fund for International Solidarity in Spain; and the City of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

The AL-LAs Project aims to strengthen international relations between cities from Latin America and Europe and establish itself as the reference information hub on the topic of international action of local governments.

Currently, the Project performs a series of activities to professionalize the international action of local governments with a collective approach to knowledge sharing, strategic alliances and networking. Thus, the AL-LA’s Project carries the voice of local governments on major issues of the global agenda.

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