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The Friendly Cultures Fair is one of the most important international events in Mexico City, where its residents and visitors have the opportunity to know more about the culture, traditions and customs from other countries through the exhibition of stands and artistic activities.


The Fair began in 2009, as a project of collaboration between the International Affairs Office of the Mexico City Government and different accredited Embassies in our country, which in solidarity with our city during the health alert caused by the AH1N1 flu outbreak, helped to enhance the use of public spaces and tourism.

Chronology of image

The image of the Friendly Cultures Fair has been renewed year by year since its origin. Check here the chronology of our logos.

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Annual growth

Due to the project’s success since its first edition, the Friendly Cultures Fair has become an annual tradition, an important space of cultural exchange for the growing number of attendees and participating countries, as well as a great opportunity for Mexico City to strengthen its ties of friendship and cooperation at an international level.

After the first five editions of the Friendly Cultures Fair were carried out along the Paseo de la Reforma Avenue, in 2014, it was held –for the first time ever– in the Zocalo of our Historic Center. Its eighth edition, which took place from May 21 to June 5, 2016, was held once again in the heart of Mexico City with the participation of 94 diplomatic representations (93 countries and the European Union), 225 cultural activities, and the attendance of 3 million people. Thus, the Fair was consolidated as the multicultural festival of Mexico City, an open and inclusive city before the world.

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