Feria Internacional de las Culturas Amigas - International Friendly Cultures Fair (FICA)

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The International Friendly Cultures Fair (FICA per its initials in Spanish) is the most important international and cultural event in Mexico City, where its visitors have the opportunity to know more about the traditions, customs, identity and culture from the participating countries through the presentation of different exhibition pavilions and an extensive program of artistic, cultural and academic activities.


The FICA began in 2009, as a project of collaboration between the International Affairs Office of the Mexico City Government and different accredited Embassies in our country, which showed their solidarity with our capital during the health contingency caused by the influenza virus AH1N1 outbreak.

In this juncture, the Fair sought to encourage the use of public space and maintain the tourist activity of the city, having as its main venue the Paseo de la Reforma Avenue.


Strengthen the ties of friendship and cooperation between Mexico City and countries of all regions of the world, through the close collaboration with their respective Diplomatic Representations.


Promote respect for cultural diversity, as an indispensable value for dialogue, understanding and cooperation among peoples.

Also, position Mexico City as a multicultural capital, as well as inclusive and guarantor of cultural rights, considered a fundamental part of human rights.


Disseminate the customs and traditions, as well as diverse artistic and cultural manifestations from the five continents’ nations (Music, Dance, Theater, Literature, Cinema, Photography, Architecture, Design, Gastronomy, among others).

Innovate proposals, content and programs that consolidate its recognition as ‘the great multicultural celebration of Mexico City’ and, in simultaneously, turn it into a benchmark of public policy in culture, social inclusion and public space.

Annual growth

After carrying out its first five editions on the Paseo de la Reforma Avenue, since 2014 FICA has had as its main venue the most emblematic public space in Mexico City and the country: Plaza de la Constitución (Zocalo Square), where it has been possible to develop innovative architectural interventions and receive an increasing number of visitors in conditions of safety and sustainability.

To celebrate its tenth anniversary, the FICA was presented in the most important public squares and cultural venues of the Historical Center, a site considered as Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

In 2018 it gathered 86 Diplomatic Representations, offered about 200 artistic, cultural and academic activities, and had 4 million 150 thousand attendees.

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