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Dialogo Img01 The Mayors of Latin America Dialogue is a Mexico City Government initiative that provided a space to reflect on the most important political challenges that our region is currently facing and that were approached from a local perspective during two work sessions called: “Governability and Democracy: Challenges Shared by the Latin American Mayors”  and “Common Agenda: Commitments for Regional Integration.”

The Dialogue’s main goal was to allow the exchange of visions, ideas, and experiences among mayors who are committed to development and to the strengthening of democracy and governability. They discussed subjects such as political and administrative decentralization, and the fostering of values, institutions, practices, and public policies that can co-aid this process in Latin American cities.

During this high-level encounter, Mexico City shared the progress it achieved through the political reform of its current administration in order to consolidate its recognition at the national and global level as a capital of great political and social relevance, in which civic liberty and social rights for citizens are promoted, in an environment of equity, equality, plurality, and justice.

Furthermore, it was possible to strengthen the political and institutional ties of our governments, in order to establish a joint agenda favoring Latin American integration and cooperation, which is necesary to boost our actions, voice, and presence in an international context.

Among the participating Mayors were: Ana Olivera, Intendant of Montevideo; Monica Fein, Intendant of the City of Rosario; Gustavo Bordet, Mayor of Concordia; .Nasry Asfura, Mayor of Tegucigalpa, Sebastiao de Melo Araujo, Vice-Mayor of Porto Alegre, Brazil; and Gerald Enrique Cumberbatch, Mayor of San Miguelito.

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